Hell & Fun in one Game, that is Clash of Lords 2

Clash of Lords 2 is indeed hell, but kind of fun, as it puts a series of warriors (all of whom representative of the combatants in the War to End All Wars. It features a series of well-designed battlefields, plenty of weapons for cooking the other white meat and great base building strategic fighting.

This Clash of Lords 2 sprawls across the series of islands pigs call Saustralia. After choosing their faction, would-be generals can select their hog squad from a menu of eight porkers. All the pigs start off, deliciously enough, as grunts, but can choose a specialty as the missions progress. Veteran warriors can opt to branch off into heavy weaponry, the medical arts, espionage or engineering — with the ultimate aim to be promoted into the officers’ ranks. Each specialty has its own particular bent, and players will need to choose their squad composition wisely.

Each miniwar demands strategizing and plenty of it. Gameplay terrains emerge as puzzles of sorts, with various hills, mountains, rivers, lakes, trees, etc. providing plenty of kill zones, natural barriers and strategic routes. Because battles are turn-based, exploitation of the battlefields is essential. Fights can be won or lost by a lone piggy who seizes the high ground and rains down death on the opposition — or by the strategic maneuvering that allows for multiple attacks on a single enemy (or single attacks on multiple foes). Clash of Lords 2 contains approximately 40 different weapons such as rifles, cluster grenades, machine guns, flamethrowers, gas cannisters and the like; smart use of these armaments can turn the tide of a brawl.

Turn-based of Clash of Lords 2 play affords each little piggy a limited amount of time to perform his dirty business. During a given 40-second-or-so turn, a pig can move, seek cover behind a tree or other obstacle, hop into a bunker for added protection or a killing machine for extra pain disbursal, collect valuable weapons and health powerups, shoot or call in an arclight. The time limit adds a tangible weight to the proceedings, and players need to be wary of where their fighters end their turns. A pig can maneuver into the open for a clear shot, but he’ll have to stay there until his turn comes again, which means he’s bacon in the making. Even the decently animated red-and-yellow explosions can be used as a strategic tool. Here, cerebral generals can do double damage smiting a ham with a rocket — and carefully place the weapon so its explosion sends the enemy into water. Unless he’s very, very advanced, Porky don’t swim. More info can be accessed to gain unlimited Clash of Lords 2 resources on this website.

Clash of Lords 2 has solid graphics and a dry British wit served up by a partially incomprehensible narrator anchor the strategic play, and a swell multiplayer mode (think Worms only with anthropomorphized pigs) adds immensely to the package. There’s some creepiness involved, such as when a targeted foe will actually cower in fear, as well as a little frustration, which comes with not being able to move a soldier until his turn, but when this little piggy goes to war, no one’s going to want to stop the violence.

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